Giftcard app

The Glede app makes gift-giving spontaneous and easy. Here you can send gift cards for everything from restaurants and cafes to exciting experiences and flowers to someone you know. The customer pays easily with Vipps and the recipient gets a nice surprise. The app has been launched for both iOS and Android.


Global student platform

Highered develops, owns and operates a global virtual recruitment platform. Favn works with them on the restructuring and optimization of their systems, as well as the implementation of the Aon Assessment tool for ability, skill and personality tests. In addition, we assist them with the development of Virtual Events, which is a fully digital approach to career days.


Environmental certification system

Kvist INIT makes it cheaper and easier to build environmentally friendly. Through digitalisation, Kvist will make the environmental certification of buildings with the BREEAM framework a more efficient and orderly process. Favn has assisted with the first prototypes and the test version for use in the pilot project which will take place in October 2021, where the program will be tested on a number of construction sites.

Trondheim Renholdsverk og Trondheim Kommune

BrukOm administration app

Trondheim Renholdsverk is the municipal company that deals with waste management and collection in Trondheim. We work with them to streamline and digitize a number of processes related to their second-hand shop concept BrukOm.

NutraQ - VitaeLab

Nutrition supplements

The VitaeLab app will make it easier for customers to use their products through a number of product supplemental functions, reminders and additional information. In addition, users can manage their subscriptions through the app. It is currently under development, and is the first part of a larger collaboration between Favn and the NutraQ group.


Campanyon works to make camping, glamping and related activities available in Norway by creating a platform that connects people interested in the outdoors with the tourism industry and campsites. Together with them, Favn developed a prototype of the website for testing.

Hos Josefine

At Josefine, the app makes it possible to reach out to customers with personalized offers, content and suggestions. In addition, the app contains the Hos Josefine online store. Favn has assisted with the entire development of the app, the launch in October and continuous improvements afterwards.

Ragnarock Geo

Ragnarock Geo works to develop artificial intelligence to interpret seismic data from the oil industry. Favn assisted them in creating a visual remote-pipeline runner that makes it easier for people with no machine learning experience to structure algorithm modules and run datasets on them in the cloud.


Ntention works with various implementations of haptic gloves and VR technology within industry, art and aerospace. Favn assisted Ntention in setting up a tool to collect, generate and structure metadata that is sent in from devices and store this in an optimized database.


Favn is collaborating with the Norwegian Science and Technology Agency on their new venture EdYou, which will become a dynamic learning platform. So far we have helped them with UX and frontend development.


Skypass works together with, among others, the Swedish Customs Service to make the refund of customs duties a seamless process. Favn assisted Skypass in creating a program that automates the process of validating data from various customs documents and compiles the information into a document that the online store can submit to receive a refund.


Favn assisted ModSort in optimizing their machine learning algorithm by completely rewriting it from Python to C++.